We are a part of the Polish Automation and Robotics Forum (FAiRP) – an organization that brings together employers and the largest companies in the industry.

FAiRP was established to promote solutions in the field of automation and robotization in Poland and around the world, as well as to inspire enterprises to implement modern solutions in the field of Industry 4.0. Through the exchange of experiences based on cooperation, the Forum’s goal is to promote good practices and projects aimed at improving production processes and digital transformation in the industry.

In addition to activities in the business environment, the mission of the Polish Automation and Robotics Forum is also educational activity. Thanks to the contacts with the world of science and non-governmental institutions, FAIRP is planning to develop the research sector and the segment of professional training and courses.

Other areas of activity include:

  • Integration of business environments and people related to automation and robotization
  • Representing the member community in contacts with state authorities
  • Providing opinions and co-creating regulations in the field of industrial automation
  • Influencing the shape of economic and social policy related to the interests of associated entities


For details please visit the FAIRP website:


Not only do we offer high-class robotic welding system by Fronius, but also we use it in mechanical engineering for our own needs.  

As an „Authorized Integrator Partner” we can support our customers with expert know-how and technical support. Partner program certificate proves an excellent knowledge of Fronius standard system.


We are part of AutomationML e.V. – an initiative that aims at creating a single standard for data exchange from different engineering tools.

A single design of the system and the possibility of using data from different tools allows to save time and avoid errors, if any. Each project also includes an update stage – even if data was previously ordered, the changes introduced later force the work performed earlier to be repeated. The solution to these challenges is to unify the standard so as to avoid the need for manual corrections. Additional benefits of this solution are undoubtedly the optimization of the entire integration process, which translates into engaging the engineers less, and thus reducing the cost of project.

The modern research center in Gliwice allows us to develop our own solutions, which constitute a compatible element of data exchange. Many years of experience in the industrial environment allows us to better understand the problems faced by suppliers and companies in this market sector, and consequently to proceed with automation of the processes.


We are member of the „Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing” (SA&AM) Cluster, that associate companies from automotive and tech industry.

The organisation is an initiative of the Katowice Special Economic Zone Co. Ekonomiczna S.A. and its aim is to build cooperation platform between business environment and academic units. Possibility to share our expert knowledge and chance to support educational projects is another opportunity for our further development.