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We design and construct control cabinets, both for the automotive industry and for the professional sector of conventional and renewable energy, food sector, industrial facilities and many others. Many years of collaboration with customers of the automotive industry allows us to meet the highest quality requirements of the product.

The production and assembly department of control cabinets has 20 persons on the payroll. Planned employment by the end of the second half of 2019 - 32 persons. Our production capacity counts 60 control cabinets per month for one shift operation and 120 cabinets in case of two shift operation. Our annual production forecast: at least 1,000 control cabinets.


The department has the following cells:

  • design
  • industrial printing
  • quality

Design engineering is carried out according to Customer requirements in the Eplan Electric P8 and Eplan Propanel programming environment or in line with the documentation provided by the Customer.  All jobs are carried out in a comprehensive manner, i.e. from the industrial plant audit, through design and selection of appropriate solutions, to their installation and commissioning.


The projects are implemented on the basis of proprietary software Easy Wiring supporting production processes.





The modern and optimized production hall is featured with technologically advanced production tools, ensuring the highest quality of product in a short time, while maintaining competitive prices.

  • Area of the production hall: 750 m²
  • The area of the high bay warehouse: 350 m²

The production process is based on modern production tools:

  •           CNC machining centre for perforation of assembly plates
  •           cutting centre for DIN rails and cable trays
  •           machining centre for bending, cutting and boring copper rails


We have a CNC machining centre, which guarantees the highest quality and precision of machining services, while reducing the consumption of material.

The automated warehouse system provides flexibility in the event of changes to the design throughout the entire production process.

Innovative, original system supporting the prefabrication process and direct contact with the design and sales team, allows to shorten the time of the prefabrication process and ensures the highest quality of the product.


We carry out projects for every branch of industry adjusting to the standards and requirements of our Customers. In the year 2022, we developed:

  • 41 inverter cabinets
  • 798 control boxes
  • 152 operator panels
  • 652 control and power supply cabinets


The scope of prefabrication works includes:

  • Control cabinets
  • Distribution cabinets
  • Power cabinets
  • Control cabinets and inverters
  • Junction and control boxes
  • Control desks
  • Supply switchgears in the full current range,
  • Control switchgears,
  • Inverter switchgears,
  • Control boxes,
  • Distribution and DC power distribution boxes,
  • Portable switchgears,
  • Switchgears for residential and industrial construction,
  • Switchgears for photovoltaic installations,
  • Switchgears for reactive power compensation
  • Installation switchgears
  • Cable connectors
  • ATS systems
  • Measuring (meter) switchgears
  • Street lighting switchgears
  • Switchgears for transformer stations
  • Switchgear for fire protection circuit breaker
  • Custom switchgears

Each of our products has a declaration of conformity in accordance with the guidelines of the New Approach Directives, enabling us to issue a declaration of conformity for the entire machine or installation and to mark the product with the CE mark. Control cabinets and switchgears are thoroughly tested for functionality and safety before dispatching to the customer. Cabinet measurements are performed with a certified Metrawatt metrological instrument. The main measurements:


  • electrical insulation strength tests,
  • measurement of electrical insulation resistance,
  • measurement of the continuity of the protective connection system
  • measurement of protection against residual voltages.


Complete technical documentation is attached to each cabinet.



Cabinets are built on the basis of leading manufacturers of electrotechnical materials. Trust in proven brands that are leaders in the market, guarantees many years of trouble-free operation of our products. All our products are tested in accordance with standards (DIN, VDE, EN, PN-EN, UL) and bear the relevant declarations of conformity.


Our main suppliers of components:

Rittal, Siemens, Phoenix, ETA,  SEW, Eaton Industries, WAGO, Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, Piltz, Lutze, Mersen, Sälzer  Icotek, Hebotec,  Janitza, Woehner, OBO, LAPP Kabel.