robotyka przemysłowa

We offer comprehensive services in the area of robots and automation. We develop and the commission robot cells and lines. We provide comprehensive assembly, programming, implementation and service.

The project begins with a computer simulation that will guarantee the confirmation of preliminary assumptions. In this way, the project execution time is reduced.

We develop robot applications for:

  • Palletisation
  • Gluing
  • Transport
  • Machine services
  • Heat joining, welding, laser cutting

We also provide the entire control, visualisation and supervision system. Upgrades and expansions of existing automation systems as well as PLC programming are also on offer.


Procedure course:

1. We begin with station design.

2. We execute commissioning at our facility.

3. We confirm the process operation and cycle time by way of tests.

4. Upon acceptance, we provide comprehensive assembly at the customer site.

5. We provide operator training and production assistance.