SCADA systems are superordinate layers controlling the production line and comprise: an HMI interface with indicators to present the current production state, control and parameterise the process, prepare reports, order raw materials and archive the process data, as well as tools to present and analyse the collected data. These solutions are irreplaceable tools for personnel responsible for supervision over the production process and allow one to control the production line in an easy and user-friendly manner. In addition, they allow one to determine the causes of faults.

Up to the present, we have been implementing our projects with the support of iFix, InTouch, ZenOn, WinCC and Graph Worx (GENESIS2 Iconics) software. Apart from their built-in functionalities, our software applications can be expanded by custom solutions to fully gear them to the needs of the client. Thanks to cooperation with the leading suppliers of SCADA systems, such as Automation (iFix) or COPA-DATA (ZenOn), we are familiar with cutting-edge technologies in terms of virtualisation.